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Gender MALE
Location Corona, CA
Favorite Movies I used to like movies until I found out one time that my wife, April, thought that the man who played Jesus in the Passion of the Jesus movie was hot. What happened was that I tried to dress up like Jesus after she told me this, but she didn't think I was hot not one single bit when I dressed up like Jesus. She wouldn't even go and make love on me. So I sued her for emotional rape. The case was thrown out but she forgave me for trying to sue her and we are still happily married.
Favorite Music I also like that Bruce Sprongosteen fellow or whatever his name is. I like to rock out to his music. I also like to listen to the Richard Simmons videos and dance to the good music, even though I haven't lost any weight. One time I tried to make my own workout video and I showed it to one of my workers at work, and he laughed and made fun of me because he said I looked like a gay cowboy on the video. I sued him for emotional cruelty and Richard Simmons for making America believe that it's OK to look like someone of the gayism without being laughed at. Though the case was thrown out, I taughted them a lesson they never won't soon forget! I did not think the video made me look like part of the gay lifestyle but everyone else seems to think it does. Those no-good bastards.
Favorite Books What nerd reads books anymore? I sure as hell don't. I like to look at the nice looking womens in Playboy though. I can't tell you how many times my wife has caught me with my pants down around my ankles while looking at Playboy, just having at it. I sued her for trying to throw me out of the house the first time she caught me doing it. I told her that there was no way she would ever look as hot as the ladies in Playboy so I didn't see nothing wrong with fantasizing about them, so she had no right to throw me out of the house. If you saw her big ass you'd know what I'm talking about. Damn, it's pretty big.