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Gender Female
Location United Kingdom
Introduction Been involved ,on and off since the 80's ,in left/feminist/LGBT/ politics and social policy. Would like this blog to create some debate around these issues . Consider myself a socialist, feminist and an atheist. I'm in the Labour Party, just, mainly because I don't see any alternative on the left at the moment. Not sure for how much longer. When not being anoraky about politics I'm anoraky about films, music and seeing bands. How others describe me : Stroppybird is ... 'Lefty chick talks dirty ' (Dave Osler) . 'A doll ' (Jim 'new man' Denham). 'Canny lass' (Will ). 'Shameless hussy' (Hakmao) She has a 'Fuck off attitude' (Jim Jay). But Paddy the Puritan asks her..."what world are YOU offering apart from tits and fishnets? " And ... 'There's nothing wussy with being a (socialist) feminist' (Punchie)
Interests Politics, films, music, seeing crap bands in Brighton, travel, reading, behaving badly .
Favorite Music Indie, rock, punk, blues, naff 80's, alt country/americana and classical/opera.