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Location Philippines
Introduction me? ^like's to go to SoiRee^, ^sobriquet--->'khen-khen' ayT hurr^, ^wiTty^, ^inDependeNt^,^bEach babe (boRacay thingy)^,^pArty GurL^,^AdventuRe gurL^, ^am not the sn0tty typE^, ^naGger^ ^coLlecting Caps^, ^shoPping is ma Therphy^ ^bags, sAndals, qt OuTfits namE it..^, ^muZic *can'T sLeep w/Awt ma componEnt or discmAn in ma ears*^, ^inSomnia^, ^de jA vue^, ^Slapshock^, ^hardcoRe n Hiph0p miXed^, ^coLeecting pix^, ^cAmera adIk^, ^h8s gilberish people^,^kikay kit n stuFf^ ,^colLecting cElphones^, ^tXt adik^
Favorite Movies uh, lEt me Tnk... 2 Fast 2 FuriouS *shyet i Luv da Carz*, honEy *k|p gRo0vin'*, h)w 2 loOse a guY in 10 days, The SweEtEst thing *wUr a Got ma so Called nAMe*, 13 goIn' 30, h0w 2 looSe A GuY IN 10 dAys, Ech......
Favorite Music rap, ***<, >, <, >, *** SPeCiaLLy hIp hOp sOUNdz***<, >, <, >, *** rock .....iRis, TipSy, she.siLl. be.LoVed, jAz da way u are, Mah bo0o0 *mAa oo0h, ma o0oh, ma o0oh* nAks!, wAg na Wag mong sasabihin, h0LidAy iNN, gEt LoW..bsTa iya Sang kIllerbEE ah