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Gender MALE
Occupation Doll husband, Synthetiks advocate, atheist, iconoclast, ne'er-do-well
Location Michigan, United States
Introduction Mentally I was born in the mid Fifties, so by extension, I was mentally a pre-teen in the Sixties, and managed to construct a time machine & launched headlong into the early Eighties, which is where I spent my teenaged years, and where everything started to fall into place. Which either explains a lot, or nothing at all. Heh. Condensing me into a paragraph is nigh-impossible, sorry.
Interests Synthetik humans (i.e Androids and Gynoids), RealDolls and other high-end 'love dolls', the 20th century Modern aesthetic, PlayStation 2, Japanese culture and cuisine, anime, foreign films, sarcasm, sleeping
Favorite Movies Trainspotting, Ichi the killer, if...., Crash (the Cronenberg film), Clockwork orange, Wings of Honneamise, Twenty four hour party people, The Italian job (1969), Alphaville, Barbarella, Fritz Lang's M, Delicatessen, Withnail and I, Ravenous, Blow-up, and a slew of others
Favorite Music Joy division, New order, Broadcast, NON, Stereolab, Merzbow, The Smiths, whitehouse, Human league, Interpol, Death in June, Laibach, Throbbing gristle, Add N to (X), Velvet underground, and oh so many others
Favorite Books Authors are better.. Anthony Burgess, J.G Ballard, J.D Salinger, W.S Burroughs, Edward Gorey, Oscar Wilde, Sylvia Plath, Martin Amis, Albert Camus, Lewis Carroll, more to come