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Gender MALE
Occupation Famous Bloggin' Bear (and I like to do some playin' too)
Location Denver, Colorado, United States
Introduction Hi, I'm Klu the Bear, and I have my own blog. Huh. That makes me laugh. I live with my brother Bruno (he's a dog) and my sister Janna Ganna Lois Cheerio (she's a gannet) and my sister Darla Duck and my sister Wilburina (she's a pig) and my brother Speedy (he's a turtle) and my Big Mummy and Uncle Kerms (he's my daddy now cuz he and Big Mummy got married). This is my blog. Huh.
Interests Um, I like to do some rock-climbin'. I like to write my blog (Get a Klu). I 'specially like to get comments on my blog (Get a Klu). I like snow, cuz I'm a bear, and bears like snow cuz we have fur. I like some other things too.
Favorite Movies Do you know a movie called Wallace and Grommet? It's about a man and his dog, and they're made out of clay. They do some pretty 'mazing stuff, like make 'ventions for getting rid of rabbits. It makes me laugh. I 'specially like the short movies 'bout Wallace and Grommet. My favorite is A Close Shave. I like the lamb named Shorn. ('Cept when they say it, it sounds like Shawn.)
Favorite Music I like songs you can do some marchin' to. Like the themesong for Veggie Tales. I like the tuba. Oh, that's more of my favorite movies: Veggie Tales.
Favorite Books I love Richard Scarry books. On my blog, I put a picture of What Do People Do All Day? and Busy, Busy World. I 'specially like Lowly Worm and his Apple Car. And I like the picture of the inside of the castle.

Try making up the rules to a game where you tie knots in a yo-yo string just to see if you can get them out:

I don't quite understand this question. Playing yo-yo is really hard, even if you don't got knots in the string. Sometimes I try to play with a yo-yo by standing on a chair and droppin' it, but I got to hang on tight or else the yo-yo will yank me off the chair. I don't think bears like yo-yo's much. I like to play other things better.