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Gender Female
Location Cambs/Herts, United Kingdom
Introduction Petite (5ft or 5ft 1, depending on the tape measure and who is doing the measuring). Blonde. Sagittarian. Unconventional. Optimistic. Happy. Introspective. Academic. Don't get ill. Don't suit hats. A morning person. A tad bohemian. Prone to exaggeration and extreme levels of enthusiasm. Was supposed to be born on Valentine's Day. Have a strange love of film credits (talk over them at your peril). Strong believer that things happen for a reason. Not planning to have children, unless Joseph Fiennes ever comes within a two-mile radius.
Interests Reading, writing, theatre, music, travelling, films, tv, hot bubbly baths, scrumptious edible items, spontaneous excursions. Academically - literature, philosophy, history, acting, writing, plays, biography, autobiography, writers, artists, musicians, bohemianism, psychology, travelling. Basically a lot of -ologies and quite a few -isms.
Favorite Movies Amadeus, Amazing Grace, Life is Beautiful, Sophie's Choice, Four Weddings and a Funeral.
Favorite Music Have my toes in a wide variety of pies. And I'm definitely not going to confess to loving classical music and soundtracks. I'll keep that to myself. ;)
Favorite Books Fic: Metroland (Julian Barnes) Non-fic: Among the Bohemians (Virginia Nicholson) / An Unquiet Mind (Kay Redfield Jamison)