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Introduction I am Coaster Punchman, or CP for short. I started this blog in 2004 for no reason other than I came across the "Blogger" app while randomly surfing, and decided "well why not?" During the early days of blogging I fell into a community of interesting writers and nice people, many of whom remain my friends today on Facebook. In late 2017 I decided Facebook was becoming too large a distraction, and decided to ease out of that and ease back into the blogging world. I'll be here if you care to peruse my thoughts on life and my world.
Interests mormon-watching, crippling inactivity, secret-eater listening
Favorite Movies Mommie Dearest, Not Without My Daughter, Movie about a Peg-Legged Violinist starring Kristi MacNichol, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Pillow Talk, Hairspray, Napoleon Dynamite, Camp, The Positively True Story of the Texas Cheerleader Murdering Mom, and cheesy made-for-tv movies
Favorite Music Beulah, John Vanderslice, Nina Simone, Blossom Dearie, Dave Brubeck, and Barry Manilow.
Favorite Books The Rebel Angels, The Secret History, A Confederacy of Dunces