Rob Cornelius

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About me

Gender MALE
Industry Internet
Occupation htmler
Location North Perrott, Somerset, United Kingdom

What I do at ingenta

I am the web monkey who sits in the corner ;)

Lots of JSTL, lots of HTML, loads of CSS, some bits of JSF, a bit of JS, monkeying around with graphics all the stuff that makes things pretty.

Why I do it

Lets just say I have had a varied career... started out as a field ecologist after doing and Environmental Science degree. Then I was severly underemployed as a truck driver for about 4 years. Then did an Open University computing degree as it promised indoor work and no heavy lifting. Had a wide range IT jobs some of which lasted longer than others. Which lead me via miltary weapons systems via dodgy get rich quick schemes to ingenta... got all that? Good.

Lame claim to fame

I am the bloke who claims to have invented the word "htmler". It causes English and Liguistics professors apoleptic fits.

Interests html, css, web development, cricket, rugby, secondlife, general stuff
Favorite Movies Animal House, Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure, Battle Royale, Shrek, Braindead, Terminator (not the sequels)
Favorite Music REM, KLF, The Clash, Missy Elliott, Jose Gonzales, Wilson Pickett
Favorite Books The short timers, Neuromancer, Catch 22, The Worst Journey in the World, Long Walk to Freedom, The Tipping Point