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Occupation Retired Civil Servant
Location Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Introduction I am not long retired and previously have always spent a lot of time keeping busy with home, family, work and craft persuits. Having two lovely daughters, with a wide circle of friends between them, kept me up to date with fashion, music trends and events.Then they left home and followed their own futures. To that end I am now enjoying having two very nice men folk sharing my daughters lives as well as being a doting nana to a lovely five year old grandson. I enjoy engaging with a wide range of people of any age. The above was also my former field of employment. While I enjoy retirement, I do miss in part the interaction that I had been used to within the public sector and with like minded colleagues. On the plus side I have more time to follow the vast range of new crafts. It is also a challange to break from the old and tested styles and experiment with the newer styles. As the saying goes you are only limited by your imagination.
Interests Crafts, sewing, knitting in fine yarns and also Aaron's, crochet, making oriental cards, gardening, bowls, reading classical books and novels, gardening, cooking, music both clasical and modern.
Favorite Movies Out of Africa, The Lord of the Rings, The French Lieutenants Woman, Batman with Michael Keaton, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Lawrence of Arabia, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, Educating Rita, (I Claudius, as on TV really)
Favorite Music Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusic, and the wind instrument concertos. Pavarotti and The Three Tenors, Andrew Lloyd Webber's music, Karen Carpenter, Barbara Striesland, Elkie Brook, Elaine Page, The Bee Gees, The Mammas and Pappas.
Favorite Books Lord of The Rings, Stephen Donaldson's Thomas Covenant, I Claudius, Vanity Fair, Atonement, Middlemarch, James Lovelock's Gaia.

Whoops! Your tongue is now a magnet. Whatever will you use for silverware?

I like to wear high collars and a necklace,I find that wearing a scarf as well makes me feel smothered. I would wear Green frogmans flippers and go as a satsuma. I have only used masking tape or cotton tape for creating a sculpture. Both of which can absorbe any filler medium that is being used. With a good olive oil ensuring that the taste will not reach my taste buds. Seedlings Sown.