About me

Location Richmond, Virginia, United States
Introduction Fannie Fierce writes AskFannie, a Q&A column addressing all things fabulous, including questions about gender, sex, and sexuality. Deep in the trenches of contemporary gender debates, Fannie is an engaged member of the queer community and has been involved with grassroots activism through organizations at colleges in both Virginia and Quebec. She has also worked with a number of national organizations, including the Democratic National Committee, the National Student Genderblind Campaign , the Human Rights Campaign and the Gender Public Advocacy Coalition. Fannie's interest in women, gender and sexuality studies manifests in many different forms, resulting in her contributions to the worlds of theatre, dance, graphic design, and journals for research on gender and sexuality. Basically, Fannie's a one-queen-band. When not busy answering questions about practices such as analingus or probing theoretical perspectives on racial fetishes, she loves cooking and drinking Bloody Marys over brunch.