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Industry Student
Location Zheleznodorozhny =), Moscow Region, Russia
Introduction It's impolite to begin with "I...".. but as i already did it.. You know i don't like to describe myself, just because i'll either be too sincere and objective so that the others will think too bad of me, or i will say too little.. I think i'm like an onion or cabbage (depends on which u prefer).. u peel a leaf off and discover a new layer... and then another after it.. but on the whole all people are like that when u get to know them.. I'm rather moody, but my KOALition mates can hardly complain i'm ever gloomy or miserable, i like to laugh and have a company to laugh with =), with strangers i'm reserved and silent most of the time (but depends on the stranger ;), i don't like flattery just like Lena.. I'm cheerful, open-minded, faithful (yeah!), posessive, sociable, indecisive, i'm a day-dreamer (sometimes too much..) I love to be part of some team:) and always enjoy being with people who are more active than me.. but there are times when i prefer solitude.. i like to be alone.. it's a nice chance to think things over
Interests I like lots of things, but my interests can easily change according to my mood. First and foremost, my main interest is languages, then come travelling, reading books, surfing in the Internet, chatting with my friends, going out, theatre, singing in the shower, music&movies, my friends!, meeting new people
Favorite Music I like music, i listen to anything from classical music like Mozart or Vivaldi to Dima Bilan ... lol.. yeah, can't get his Eurovision song out of my head.. well i frewuently listen to the Beatles and Elvis Presley, Manu Chao, Raemonn (oh...tonight awww=), Rammstein (ja-ja!=), Tokio Hotel, Robbie Williams, some Gorillazz, Kylie Minogue, The Black Eyed Peas, my respect to Elton John, Sting, Bon Jovi, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Whitney Houston, ABBA in my MP3 player, some russian rock like Мёртвые Дульфины, Машина Времени, Чайф, Сплин, Агата Кристи (Lena influenced me haha), Би-2, some works by Ногу Свело. I also ЛЮБЭ, Chemical Brothers, Linkin Park, Eminem, Madonna, Shakira, Britney, Justin Timberlake, Blue, The Killers, Green Day, Пятница, Maroon5, Jennifer Lopes, Bobby McFerry (his Don't Worry be Happy =), Geri Halliwell, Smash Mouth (Shrek tracks hehe), Scissor sisters, Bob Marley.. so my taste is rather diverse.. now i'm in for raggaeton..
Favorite Books it has always been interesting for me why i don't have any.. i read a lot and with pleasure but i haven't found mine yet.. I like the books that carry away, touch my heart, are close to my thoughts or introduce something new for me... But if i go to a bookshop i prefer classics usually.. ususally prose..but still i love poetry :)