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Gender Female
Industry Fashion
Occupation Fashionista Author Writer
Location New York City, NY, United States
Introduction I am 60, married, I've had a blessed life and an exciting career in Fashion, including several clothing lines, a Simplicity Pattern Line,750 TV appearances and over 1200 personal appearances.
Interests MARY: Fashion, Beauty, Music, Art, Theatre, Movies, Pets, My Family, America, Women.RITA: Mediaeval History, Literature, Family, Fashion, Beauty, Crocheting and Scrumbling, Gourmet Cooking and Movies.
Favorite Movies MARY: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Titanic, To Kill a MARY; Mockingbird, Schindler's List, Philadelphia, Sleepless in Seattle, Apollo 13, Forrest Gump RITA:The Women, Mona Lisa Smile, The Rock, Chicago, Radio Days, The Producers ("original recipe"), The Birdcage, The King of Comedy, A Streetcar Named Desire, Breakfast at Tiffany's, First Wives Club, just about anything with Robert DeNiro in it, most of Al Pacino's early work before he started yelling a lot
Favorite Music MARY: Classical, Beatles, Cole Porter, Andrew Lloyd Weber and most Broadway.RITA: anything, but mostly, musical soundtracks.
Favorite Books MARY: Gone with the Wind, Othello, Pride and Prejudice, Sophie's Choice, Bridget Jones Diary, Fried Green Tomatoes, The Prince of Tides, In Cold Blood, The Poison Pill by Marciano Guerrero. RITA:Confederacy of Dunces and Neon Bible by John Kennedy Toole, anything written by Adriana Trigiani, Time After Time by Molly Keane, An American Tragedy by Theodore S. Dreiser

Why don't you ever wear a scarf? It doesn't need to be cold outside for your neck to feel naked.

Question:Why don't you ever wear a scarf? It doesn't need to be cold outside for your neck to feel naked. MARY: I know 50 ways to tie a scarf, but forget to wear them.RITA: Scarves are lovely - you can disguise your arm being in a sling, disguise yourself and hide your face and make a nifty carrying bag out of them.