About me

Occupation Dreamer & Seeker
Location San Francisco: The Most Beautiful City on Earth (TMBCE)
Introduction Pakistani-American Muslim woman, mama wannabe, dreamer, seeker, writer, thief of hearts, uberpoet, nation drifter, juice imbiber, style junkie, line crosser, reflective dweller, girl scout mint cookie, hip chick, & MS-warrior. Full-time human rights & responsibilities advocate. Married to my soulmate. Skirter of manhole covers to avoid being sucked into an alligator-infested underworld.
Interests Exploring inner & outer landscapes, family & friends, chrysalis & metamorphosis, art, calligraphy, interior design, & architecture, connecting the inner spiritual to the outward political.
Favorite Movies Wong Kar Wai, Ang Lee, Tarantino, & Michael Moore films, Amelie, Gattaca, Harold & Maude, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Princess Bride, Monsoon Wedding, The Motorcycle Diaries, The Matrix, Indy Jones trilogy, Star Wars 4 & 5, LOTR XE.
Favorite Music Silence, breezes, beautiful lyrics & killer voices, Qawwalis (NFAK, Abida Parveen) & ghazals (Iqbal Bano, Jagjit), world music (Youssou N'Dour, Lila Downs), classical (Chopin, Mozart), jazz (Coltrane) & blues (Billie!).
Favorite Books Dear Beloved Son (Al-Ghazali), Cracking India (Sidhwa), Dune (Herbert), E-mails from Scheherzade (Kahf), Cien Sonetos De Amor (Neruda), 100 Years of Solitude (Garcia Marquez), Orientalism (Said), The Prophet (Gibran), A People's History of the US (Zinn), Autobiography of Malcolm X (Haley/X), Midnight's Children (Rushdie), The English Patient (Ondaatje), The Alchemist (Coelho), The Chronicles of Narnia (Lewis), The Lord of the Rings (Tolkien), & am a sucker for gorgeous coffee table books, Chomsky, Jane Austen, sci-fi fantasy, & sufi/revolutionary/romantic poetry .

Paper or briefs?

Handmade paper. Calvin boy shorts.