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Industry Government
Occupation Disability Retirement
Location Sterling, Virginia, United States
Introduction Trying to save what thoughts I have in case my time for having them comes to an end. I keep many ways of looking at the world and from many perspectives, but they are each a part of a larger whole and reflect my thoughts and feelings. Diabetic, cataleptic, naracoleptic, hyperlipidemia, cerebral atrophy, allergies and *still* glad to be alive. Founding and sole member of The Jacksonian Party. mail: ajacksonian at gmail dot com
Interests science fiction, history, fantasy, alternate history, computers, virtual worlds, wargames, publishing, visual arts, geology, The Prisoner, Babylon 5, Star Trek, mythology, religion, symbolism, printing, 3D design, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe
Favorite Movies The Road Warrior, Aliens, Being There, Monty Python and The Holy Grail, The Guns of Navarone
Favorite Books The Belisarius Series (by David Drake and Eric Flint), Rolling Hot (by David Drake), 1632 Series (started by Eric Flint, now a multi-contributer open world of discussion and stories), Way of the Pilgrim (by Gordon R. Dickson), The Hero with a Thousand Faces (by Joseph Campbell), The Holmes/Dracula File (by Fred Saberhagen), The Books of Swords (by Fred Saberhagen), The High Crusade (by Poul Anderson), The Berserker Series (by Fred Saberhagen), The Humanx Commonwealth books (by Alan Dean Foster), The Hammer's Slammers Series (by David Drake)