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Gender MALE
Location orange county, california
Introduction i love music... i love the connections that are forged between the artist and the listener, as if the song was written only for me, at one exact moment of my life. music helps me to identify emotions and thoughts within myself, and this is my spot on the internets to share the experiences i have when art/life imitates life/art.
Interests music, movies, sports
Favorite Movies eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, school of rock, in america, the thin red line, the princess bride, napoleon dynamite
Favorite Music an abbreviated list would go:, radiohead, wilco, m. ward, sigur ros, sufjan stevens, rilo kiley, arcade fire, jeff buckley, bright eyes, beth orton, death cab for cutie, the flaming lips, the white stripes, eels

That can't really be a fish you're standing on, can it?

ehh...i, i don't, eh...i can't...uhh...what?