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Occupation Psychotherapist
Introduction Blonde, blue eyes, 5 foot 7. The clever kid at school. Head full of fairy tales - was gutted to have to grow up and leave it all behind. Then I discovered it was true, all of it, but better than I had ever imagined. I get described as warm and kind, sexy and intelligent. Cheers guys! and yes they are mainly guys. I think of myself as a High Priestess, Shaman, Queen - and someone who really loves to be alive. Do I take myself too seriously, with this description, I think not!
Interests Magick, spirituality, psychotherapy, symbolism, wicca, celtic history, goddesses, curries! I like the hidden, the esoteric, the metaphysical, waccy baccy science, cats.
Favorite Movies Lord of the Rings (all three), Matrix (all three), Wicker Man - of course. Chocolat, Hot Fuzz.
Favorite Music My tastes change but there are a few consistant players. Tangerine Dream, Steeleye Span, Mike Oldfield, The Police, Sting and some new comers ie 17 year old son in the house, Metallica, Nickleback, Evanescence, Mastadon
Favorite Books Lord of the Rings, Way of Wyrd, Women who run with the Wolves, Witchcrafting, Book of Shadows, The Spiral Dance, His Dark Materials trilogy, anything that Pratchett does.

Chicken monkey shoes?

What the hell? No idea what that means which must make me an idiot or something, no point pretending.