Hidden One

About me

Gender MALE
Occupation Discipulus Ecclesiae Sanctorumque eius.
Location Canada
Introduction I have sinned. I wish to become devout. I strive 'sentire cum Ecclesia', to think (feel) with the Church. I believe, as the Creeds say, in one holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church. Omnes sancti, orate pro nobis!
Interests Holiness and the Saints, the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, Thomism, moral theology, direct realism, virtue ethics, liturgical reform, Latin.
Favorite Movies .eybxhtK .retlif maps ym yb dellik liame ruoy teg t'nod uoy taht erac ekat tub, liamg "ta dapuufap", sesserdda liamg ym fo eno ta em liame nac uoy, tnaw uoy fI - textreverse.com
Favorite Music Gregorian chant, Eastern Catholic chant, some sacred polyphony.
Favorite Books The Bible as inspired by God, The Life of St. Philip Neri by Fr. Antonio Gallonio, The Complete Works of St. John of the Cross trans. E. Allison Peers, Where We Got the Bible: Our Debt to the Catholic Church by Rev. Henry G. Graham, The Cure of Ars by Msgr. Trochu, The Life of Catherine of Siena by Bl. Raymond of Capua, The Reform of the Roman Liturgy: Its Problems and Background by Msgr. Klaus Gamber, and a few others.

Which is easier to make a model airplane out of and why: a banana peel or a wet sock?

The wet sock. Sweaty socks, when they dry, become hard. Banana peels take much longer to dry out.