About me

Location Pennsylvania, United States
Introduction A favorite expression of mine pretty much says it all..."Cooking, like love, should be done with passion or not at all". Well...not only cooking and love, but EVERYTHING in life. Those who know me best are very much aware that I have an "All or Nothing" personality. That is one of two things that makes me not a TOTAL Gemini - the other being that I do not enjoy being the center of attention (I am much more of a "behind the scenes" person). When I make up my mind to commit to something...I give it everything I have...and then some. I have no passing fascinations. I take all of my passions VERY seriously. Life is too short to do anything halfheartedly.
Interests World travel, Cooking, Baking, Music, Conversations with substance, People watching, Spending time with family and friends
Favorite Movies Room with a View, Dead Poets Society, The Sixth Sense, Ferris Buellers Day Off, The Others, The Out-of-Towners (original), Anna and the King, Dead Again, Phone Booth, Serendipity
Favorite Music Ertug, Tarkan, Eros Ramazzotti, Josh Groban, Daughtry, Hande Yener, Nev, Kargo, maSKott, Billy Joel, and many others depending on my mood
Favorite Books Little Miss (Ali Yildirim), Room with a View (E.M Forster), any food related books written by Anthony Bourdain

All of the phone numbers have fallen out of your address book. Whose number do you look for first and why?

That is for me to know and you to wonder about.