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Introduction I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian girl, living in the Northwest United States and a college student. I studied in London, England, spring semester of my junior year, which was an amazing experience! I tend to talk about books here but you never really know what is going to pop up!
Interests Orthodoxy, writing, reading, singing, femininity, books, England, reading, Lord of the Rings, old fashionedness, costumes
Favorite Movies Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice, Bleak House, Narnia, Our Mutual Friend, Persuasion, Little Women, Master and Commander, Horatio Hornblower, Anne of Green Gables, Wives and Daughters
Favorite Music classical, folk, Church, Rachmaninoff, Faure, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Beethoven, the Chieftains, Verdi, John Rutter, violin concertos, St. Innocent's Academy, Russian, Irish, English, French, American, soundtracks particularly LotR
Favorite Books Lord of the Rings, Quest for the High Places, Boy Meets Girl, Come Hither, The Dean's Watch, The Hiding Place, Eats Shoots & Leaves, Pride and Prejudice, Bleak House, Narnia, Our Mutual Friend, Persuasion, The Squire's Tale, The Harvester, Anne of Green Gables, The Rosemary Tree, North and South, Wives and Daughters, Lord Peter Wimsey, Fr. Seraphim Rose: His Life and Works, P.G. Wodehouse, Leave it to Psmith, Barbara Cooney, Wendell Berry, David Kline, Gerald Morris, Robert McCloskey, Kenneth Roberts, Arthur Ransome, Swallows and Amazons, Laura Ingalls Wilder, The Art of Prayer

How is an ankle unlike a consequence?

This reminds me of Uncle Benjamin in "The Blue Castle." Not a good person to be reminded of, although he is amusing.