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Location Sungai Nibong/Petaling Jaya, Penang/Selangor, Malaysia
Introduction Simple yet complicated. Playful yet serious. Firm yet soft hearted. Fragile yet strong. Quiet yet talkative. Softspoken yet loud. Independent yet indecisive. Open minded yet conservative. Cold outside but warm inside. I live to eat and NOT eat to live. Fish is my all time favourite. I love eating n sleeping more than anything else. Its not my fault rite coz im born with that type of genes (blame my mama n papa) and I'm a full time dreamer. Seriously,I love to love n be loved in return (who doesn't anyway?). Crap a lot at times when I'm in the mood. But can be extremely moody too, hehehe(I'm trying to improve on it). I do work hard, but play harder & infact I laugh hardest. I love my family & my friends. I cant live without them as they mean the world to me. I've cried,laughed and did loads of crazy stuffs wif my friends.
Interests My favourite past time include ZZzing, eating, watching movies, disturbing ppl.