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Industry Student
Location Moscow, Russia
Introduction Well, I've been finally forced by shame and others to create my own profile :D Frankly speaking, I had a couple of reasons for such hesitation and delay. Firstly, it is that I'm a person of moods to some extent, and the information I endeavour to give about myself is doomed to become outdated sooner or later. Inevitably. What's more, I'm really busy-busy-busy (and when I'm not - I'm overwhelmingly lazy-lazy-lazy:)) On the whole, I presume myself to be a naive, melancholy dreamer with some traces of pragmatism. I'm sincere, honest (mostly) and a bit too straightforward, easily outraged with the mere demonstration of injustice and humiliation. I dislike rude, nasty, inconsiderate "types" (awfully dislike!), people who have a habit of advising everybody on everything (maybe because they bitterly remind me of myself?:)) and occasionally some people whom I just dislike without any particular reason for that (wherein, as a rule, I'm rarely mistaken). As for the things I like - they are numerous. I like nature and all that significant details which tend to fade in the rush of our daily routine. But it is actually they that make our life inexpressibly charming and delightful!
Interests I completely adore reading, love painting and drawing (though, I can find dreadfully little time to practice it), music, dancing and especially singing (that's what I do when I'm happy or desperate, thoughtful or relaxed, indeed, practically all the time:)) I also find enormous pleasure in sport and love good company and communication.
Favorite Movies Plenty of them! Especially devoted to "La vita e' bella", "You've got mail", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Pride and prejudice", "Groundhog day", "As good as it gets" and many many others.
Favorite Music Mainly folk songs and ethnic motives, classical music, and some just pretty nice melodies. Tracks to the favourite films are usually favourite as well:)
Favorite Books That's the subject I should deliberately contemplate on in order to come up with the complete list:)