Ruth Seamands

About me

Introduction Checking me out, are you? Let's see. Where to begin... I'm a former missionary to India (my husband and I served 20 years). My first book, Missionary Mama--about my experiences in India--was published in 1947. A few years later it was followed by House by the Bo Tree. My most recent book, Cast a Long Shadow, covers three generations in my family--from my grandmother, to my mother, to me. I recently celebrated my 90th birthday with a big bash. That auspicious number didn't stop me from climbing on a motorcycle after the party for my first ride. Life's too short not to live it to the fullest. I had my ears pierced at 65, went parasailing at 84, finally got braces to straighten my teeth at 85. I can still do a mean Charleston. I love God; I love life; I love to laugh; I love to get together with my four wonderful daughters. (You may have heard of the youngest--suspense author Brandilyn Collins.) I make the best fried chicken you'll find anywhere. The best biscuits, milk gravy and apple pie, too. Is that enough for you?